Regeneration Is The Key!

17/10/2019 Opening Doors 12:00 pm

2 pm

Rania Reda - Augmania - Egypt & USA

Augmented Reality storytelling and the future of work

Fatma Kamal - Board-Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist - Egypt

Nutrition: inner-outer ecology.

Soraya Hosni - Tunisia

The future of heritage: how to honour the past and advance the future of communities?

Tamer El Mahrousy - Tink - Egypt

Tink, a mobility app which aims to disrupt the mobility economy

Reham Yehia - Baramoda - Egypt

Baramoda, transforming waste into gold!

Donnie Maclurcan - PostGrowthInstitute - USA

The Beautiful Future your Heart Knows and Desires

Ranwa Yehia - Arab Digital Expression Foundation - Lebanon & Egypt

ADEF, Knowledge is power!

Dr Maximilian Abou Elaish - Sekem -Egypt & Germany

SEKEM, sustainable community building in the desert. A perspective on the regeneration of fertile soil and social innovation.

Deena El Mahdy - Architecture & Assistant Lecturer - BUE Egypt

Digital Fabrication and sustainable materials

Mourad Al Ashry - EasyKash - Egypt

EasyKash, an online payment solution to foster inclusion

Basma Seif - Save Alex - Egypt

Save-Alex, a civic initiative to protect Alexandria architecture

Ahmed Rizk - Achimar - Egypt

User-Centricity and Regeneration

Kateryna Troino - EgyEcoLand - Egypt & Ukraine

Recycling is not the ultimate solution to our environmental problems

Monika Bielskyte - A citizen of the world

Designing Protopian futures


Workshop Horizon 1 - Mapping - Understand how this activity/track work?

Wrap up and closing

18/10/2019 Start - 2 pm


Workshop Horizon 3 - Ideation - How could make this activity/track Regenerative?


Workshop Horizon 2 - The bridge - What should we do now to go toward Regeneration?


Workshop “The Offers and Needs Marketplace”

Join this lively, 90-minute guided process to identify and exchange your passions, knowledge, skills, resources and needs with others seeking to create a better world.

Wrap up and closing



The Greek Campus


18/10/12:00 Opening Doors

Workshop running all day:

Augmented Reality to foster Social Innovation?

Become a pro in Augmented Reality and create your first object. Thanks to Digital Arabia Network, Augmania and Ouishare Egypt partnership, we will be able to go home with it. Join us, how knows? You may discover a vocation!

Climate Collage

Why are there thousand of people going on the street for climate all around the world ? Why is there more and more forest fire every year ? Why is Alexandria in danger because of the see level rise ?

Do you want to understand everything about climate change? Come and play to the « Climate Collage », a collaborative and serious game! :) Do you want to make people aware about climate change ? Come, play and learn to lead this game!:)

Sticks & Beeswax

Ready to play? Denny Ehrlich, a social innovator from Germany and cofounder of the Alchemist Hub invites you for a very special experience: You can play a game with sticks and beeswax. And build your own reality. Whatever comes to your mind. Connect through play and make new friends. Together with the team from Enactus he will also invite you to try some Moringa tea.

What is fiiS and what is AltShift?

The Three Horizons Development Workshops Outcomes

Musical Performance

Rania Reda - Augmania - Regenerative education for the jobs of tomorrow

Reham Yehia - Baramoda - Transforming waste into gold

Hana Khaled - Dampa - Empowering women in need by learning them a handcraft job and sell the product for them

Musical Performance

Regenerative Health: Fatma Kamal (Integral Nutrition, Certified Health Coach and Nutritionist)

& Omar Shaker (Health 2.O)

Musical Performance

Mohsen Kamel - Shorouk Masr - Circular Development Concept

Artistic Performance - Shorouk Masr Band

Musical Performance

Basma Seif- SaveAlex

Deena El Mahdy - Heritage School

Soraya Hosny - The New Medina

Musical Performance

APE - جمعية حماية البيئة

Musical Performance

Ahmed El Kenawy - Shagarha

Kateryna Troino - EgyEcoLand

Musical Performance

Karim Eldomyati - Greenish

Mostafa Habib - Bassita

& their Baby VeryNile

Musical Performance

Louisa Mammeri - BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Program

May Elghety - Actress and Environmental activist

Musical Performance

The End