Passion, Energy & Impact

these are the ingredients of a Volunteer's journey in AltShift festival 2018

Ouishare fest Paris 2017's Volunteer Team

Ouishare fest Paris 2017's Volunteer Team

At AltShift festival, our Volunteers' experience is one-a-kind, as each Volunteer not only drives but also designs his/her own experience during the event: from selecting the activities he/she is responsible for, to designing how he/she will support in it, until he/she celebrates together with the event organization team the success of their collaboration 😊

They also get access to an exciting network of passionate contributors, and an exclusive access to the behind-the-scenes of the event..

Volunteers get free access to all 3 days of the event, and only work for 50% of the time, and have the other 50% free time to experience the event. As for the food & drinks, they are on us 😉

Travel & hosting expenses are not covered, but the organization team makes an effort to find free hosting (couchsurfing) for all volunteers who come from abroad.

Apply for the Volunteers experience and join us bring AltShift to life, for the first time ever in Egypt!