A OuiShare event from 19 to 21 October 2018 - Cairo, Egypt


The First Event with A Zero Waste Policy In The Region

Ouishare Fest Paris 2017

#AltShift18 Cairo Edition's Theme



Alt What?!

We live in a time with the most complex challenges ever faced mankind. Whether it is "Ecological", "Social", "Technological", and so on, there has been a shifting trend in the way to try to innovate new solutions in order to tackle these issues. We are changing paradigm and by nature... we are struggling.

The challenges are so complex that it seems that the Shift is happening to us rather than with us. We don't practice much of critical thinking. We don't ask questions that matters such as; where does this shift bring us? What are the effects of the technologies on our daily lives and our human interactions? What challenges do we need to face first? How can technologies help us overcome these challenges?

Furthermore, we believe that we need an Alternative Shift where we come together to ask these critical questions and work, together, on the answers. We created AltShift Festival as a safe place free of egos where changemakers can connect, experiment, and co-create the future we want to live.