Cairo - Oct. 2019

Join Egyptian Changemakers with cutting-edge tools and radical solutions to build new alliances and move together toward a systemic change.

The UN states that what takes the earth 365 days to regenerate is consumed in less than 212 days by humans. The day on which our consumption for the year overtakes nature's regeneration capacity is known as “Earth Overshoot Day”.

In 2018, the Earth Overshoot Day was on the 1st of August. This year, it was on the 29th of July!

Can you spot the difference?

That's why, due to our accelerating consumption!

AltShift Festival will highlight why

Is The Key

This October let’s start a new movement

Join our inaugural 2019 AltShift Festival as pioneers, entrepreneurs and... come together to showcase their latest innovations in sustainable.. and explore what we as a community and individuals can actively do to positively reduce our consumption and care for our planet. Be inspired, ignited and connected...

One Program, Six Tracks

In two days time, you will experience 18 workshops 

(3 workshops per track) 

Under the scope of a new Design Thinking methodology;

The Three Horizons
Development Framework

To Co-Create A Regenerative Path

October 19 will be a day of celebration

A Musical Festival For
Social Innovation

In Partnership with fiiS, we are bringing together Artists, Entrepreneurs, NGOs, Alternative Marketplaces, the La Fresque Du Climat workshop and a lot more…

In this day, we will celebrate positive social innovations and those working for the common good.

Join us for this open and epic day of celebration,

and don’t forget to bring your family along!

“fiiS is a non traditional way to change the world” Unesco

It’s happening thanks to

Our Speakers & Experts

Ahmed Rizk

is the Managing Director of ACHIMAR Consulting. He’s an innovation expert working in corporate and startup innovation and entrepreneurship. ACHIMAR offers a range of services including internal and external business solutions design for Corporates and Startups.

Basma Seif

is the Managing Director of ACHIMAR Consulting. He’s an innovation expert working in corporate and startup innovation and entrepreneurship. ACHIMAR offers a range of services including internal and external business solutions design for Corporates and Startups.

Deena El-Mahdy

is an architect, lecturer at the British University and co-founder of "Cairo Heritage School" where she contributed in many projects related to heritage and additive manufacturing techniques in construction. Her research focuses on material science and additive manufacturing techniques in construction where she is trying to establish a hub that can flourish the economy in the MENA region. Deena won several awards related to sustainable materials and manufacturing such as "Tatweer Misr innovation competition" in 2018, besides being shortlisted in "Tamayouz Award of Excellence for Women in Architecture and construction" in 2019.

She is bringing her expertise to the Housing & Urban Planning track.

Donnie Maclurcan

is Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute and Affiliate Professor of Economics at Southern Oregon University. Originally from Australia now he lives in the US with his partner, son and their dog named Rex.

He is bringing his expertise in the Business & Finance track.

Fatma Kamal

is a board-certified Health Coach and Nutritionist, and a member of the International Association Of Health Coaches: IAHC.

Graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NY, Kamal focuses on Health in general and Nutrition in specific.

She is bringing her expertise in the Food & Agriculture track.

Maximilian Abouleish-Boes

is born in Germany and lives in Egypt since the end of 2009. His mission is to become a social leader who helps to transform SEKEM’s organizational structures and ecosystems towards higher resilience and serving the purpose of sustainable development. Currently, he fills the role of Sustainable Development for the SEKEM Holding that aims towards balancing the economic, societal, cultural and ecological life of the SEKEM group with its subsidiaries by improving and supporting their respective innovation, research and development efforts together with partners. In the SD role, he also supervises the monthly sustainable development reporting process based on SEKEM's Sustainability Flower. Besides that, Maximilian supports the subsidiary Naturetex in the role of Merchandiser by exporting organic baby textiles. In the past, Maximilian lived for one year at one of SEKEM's desert farms in upper Egypt. Another engagement was his role as a lecturer at Heliopolis University's Faculty of Business and Economics. In whatever role Maximilian works, he is keen on improving existing governance structures towards more organizational effectiveness and transparency. Furthermore, he is involved in the emerging Social Innovation Lab of Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development that is part of SEKEM's larger institutional ecosystem. His background is formally in corporate management with a strong trans-disciplinary approach and Maximilian finished a transformative PhD program with the focus on integral human, organizational and community development at SEKEM. He is the father of two kids and lives at the SEKEM farm 50km North-East of Cairo on the edge of the Nile delta.

He is bringing his expertise in the Food & Agriculture track.

Monica Bielskyte

Murad Al Ashry

is the CEO for PayMe a leading fin-tech startup in the field of payments, Mourad is a Serial entrepreneur and a guru Project Manager with 14 years’ experience in different sectors; 4 years in Business Development in Telecom field, 6 years Project management in the banking sector and 4 years driving 3 startups in the field of financial services, Geo-location and Media.

He is bringing his expertise to the Business & Finance track.

Rania Reda

is an internationally recognized Augmented Reality expert and a serial entrepreneur with 22 years of experience in Tech. Her latest venture, Augmania, is a no-coding storytelling solution that allows marketers to create AR experiences that can be published on the web with no Apps.

Rania is a BMW Stiftung responsible leader. With a great passion to empower and mentor women in tech, Rania is a member of the steering committee of Digital Arabia Network - Berlin and the first Innovation Cluster in Egypt. Rania is a Mowgli entrepreneur, public speaker and a proud mother of a young entrepreneur.

She is bringing her expertise in the Education track.

Ranwa Yehia

is the co-founder and chairperson of the Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF), which started in 2005 with a mission to explore and develop alternative education methodologies and knowledge production for and by Arab youth, using open source concepts and tools. A key project she conceived with ADEF is the Arab Digital Expression Camps, an annual experiential co-learning camp for Arab youth, developed and implemented in collaboration with young techies, artists, journalists and researchers in the Arab region. Before moving on to a career versed in methodologies of youth work and education, Yehia's trajectory with knowledge production was centred on journalism and research, where she spent 15 years covering the Arab region for different regional and international media outlets. Yehia is a single mother of two and parent of three boys. A mother of a child on the spectrum, Yehia has been active in the autism community in Egypt. In July 2019, one of ADEF’s projects, the camps, was successful in the inclusion of a child with autism and the pilot is now being developed to accommodate all ADEF programs.

She will be contributing to the Education track.

Soraya Hosni

is a cultural diplomate who dreams in eight languages and that brings together culture, people and innovation to build sustainable and revitalized communities.

She is bringing her expertise in the Housing & Urban Planning track.

Tamer El Mahrousky

is the founder of tink. which is a cashless ride-sharing service. He did many initiatives among them "Amshi fi 7artak".

He is bringing his expertise in the Mobility track.


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Artists Direction

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